Friday, October 3, 2008

Top ten best Makeup Products Ever


Welcome to my blog about Make-Up, coz you know us girlies, we love Make-up. But Make-Up however great it is can be so easy to get wrong, not finding the right product/colour or match is so easily done and can end up in us looking Made-Under rather than Made-Over :P
Below i have stated what i think are the make up essentials for any girl to have and why, please post your suggestions if you think i have missed anything!

1) Max factor True Match Foundation - I LOVE this product because its so easy to get right, i have always had trouble with my skin tone and finding a foundation to match as i am pale but have a very yellowy undertone to my skin and this matched almost instantly to my skin (i brought ivory) please dont be fooled as it can look a little mismatched when you first apply but after a couple of seconds it blended perfectly into my skin and left no tide marks! also i have a few pimples and scars which i covered perfectly without making me look like i was wearing a mask!

2) Rimmel Pressed powder - dont get me wrong this is not an everyyday item as over foundation it can look a little heavy. its great alone for those 'good skin' days but also fantastic over foundation for an evening, it masks ALL pimples and scars etc without making it look to heavy. I am a light yellowy skin tone and i used to use ivory but have recently swiched to transulcent and i love it!

3) Avon light reflecting concealer - Everyone always used to tell me about the YSL touche eclait when i asked about concealers and hearing the great review i went straight out and brought it, and hated it!, i found it hard to blend completely too dark for me and almost orange and too thick, i then asked my mum (mums know best) what she used and she told me about this one, i went and got it and fell in love! its light airy and easily blendable and gives the illution of dewy glowing skin while covering up the spot, its fantastic on under eye bags and is fine under OR over foundation! what more could you ask for!

4) Rimmel Volume Extend mascara - THE BEST PRODUCT EVER MADE! its absolutly fantastic! it gives the fake lash look and does not clump or flake! its easy to apply and people complimet me all the time on how long and thick my lashes are when really they are short and dumpy! its the must have of must haves! although bad news is i have heard they are retiring it sometime in 2008 so buy now and buy in bulk!!

5) Rimmel London powder blush in smoked oyster - when you first see the colour of this blush in the packet you may think 'oh my god its way to dark' but once you try it you will fall in love, the fresh colour suits all skin tones and gives that 'i've just had a great time in bed' glow ;) its sexy and understated and definatly a must have item!

These are my top five products and i hope you have enjoyed reading why they are so great, dont forget to add your suggestions on to help this list become even longer! For your help i have added the order in which to apply these products for the best result below :) Enjoy!

1) Avon light reflecting concealer
2) Max factor True Match Foundation
3) Rimmel Pressed powder
4) Rimmel London powder blush in smoked oyster
5) Rimmel Volume Extend mascara

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Tune in tomorrow for the top ten Worst beuty products EVER!! so none of us make the mistake of paying for them!

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