Monday, October 13, 2008

Airbrushed Celebs

Ok, i know this blog is not the 'how to apply foundation' blog and nor is it particullarily about make-up but i wanted to squeeze this in between becuase of something my younger sister (she's 16) said to me today, i done her make-up for her this morning and she looks amazing (if i do say so myself hehe) but i went in her room bout an hour later to fnd her rubbing off the make-up and crying, when i asked her why she showed me a picture of Linzey Lohan and said to me 'no matter what you do ill never be as beautiful as her!' i was horrified at this as my sister if anything is actually prettier than linzey lohan! therefore i have done this blog although its not about make-up really to show all you girls out there that the celebs with or without make-up are not perfect and nor should you base how you feel about yourself on how they look as its all airbrushing etc. below i will show you a pic that has been airbrushed and next to it the same pic without airbrushing just to show you that not everyone is perfect :)

Before After

Ever wondered how celebs like Britney Murphy have such great skin? Know you know!

before After

Oh all of a sudden she has a booty! magic!

before After

Bye bye Bags....hello flawless!

before After

Yes boys are just as guilty!

before After

Extreem airbrushing on a model

before After

another extreemly airbrushed model

So here you can see just a few examples of celebs before and after airbrushing...and thats not including the ten tonne of make-up they prob had on before they even took to 'before photo!' sot so perfect now then :)

Hope its brightened up your day as much as it did my little sisters!

*hugs and kisses*


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