Monday, October 6, 2008

Top Five worst Make-up products

I hate it when i read about a great new product only to rush out and buy it and find its rubbish! To help you girls from doing the same thing i have dug out all my Make-up regrets and i will now show you my top five list of worst make-up products ever so you dont make the same mistake!

1)Wet and Wild Lipstick - the adverts for the product made it look fab showing models with glittery lovely big lips made me rush out and buy...and later regret! It made my lips feel sticky and dry and wore off to leave nothing but dry skin after about 20 mins! its awful please do not waste money on this!

alterative - Any L'Oréal Paris lipsticks are amazing and do exactly what they say they will do on the packet!

2) Smashbox under eye brightener- I heard great reviews and have always been a fan of smashbox products until this one, i recieved it as a gift last christmas (i know i have great friends :S) and rushed to try it, i found it awful not only did it nothide my under eye bags but it actually drew attention to them! it had a glittery base which anyone should know will enhance the look of lines and bags! Truely awful!

alternative - Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Defining Eye Brightener, at £24.99 its quite pricey but its well worth the money and it hides my dark circles in a matter of seconds!

3) Any Clinique foundation i find awful, i find it gives me horrible breakouts as its quite oily and does nothing to cover imperfections, it went dry and flakey after a few hours and looks much worse than when i wear nothinig atall! i would never advice this foundation to anyone, my friend who is african tryed it on her dark skin and suffered all the same problems (her skin usually always looks amazing!) and fund it very ashy on her dark skin

alternative - as stated in my earlier blog i will Always advise people who suffer to find a good foundation to try Max Factor true match as i found it to be the best and its not to pricey either!

4) Maybelline XXL water proof mascara - Its a good brand and therefore i was not hesitant to try this mascara for a swimming holiday i went on last year, but i found it terrible! It doesn't even brush/shape your lashes so they go the same way. Don't even try your lashes are clumpy and are going in weird directions. That mascara had me looking like I just got slapped or I just woke up while sleeping with my face in the pillow and worst of all it wasnt even particually waterproof!

alternative - Model Co waterproof mascara, a make-up artist friend of mine uses this on all her clients and raves about it, i have tried and its fab! its a very good mascara and is very water resistant.

5) maybelline ever fresh concealer - This concealer is awful, it does nothing to hide imperpections and does not even attempt to cover scars. I had a huge red blemish appear and brought this out of desperation on a lunch break, it did not cover the blemish and did not even hide the redness, infact instead of looking like a girl with a spot i ended up looking like a girl with a spot with somesort of brown sauce smeared on top! Not a good look!

alternate -Calvin Klien Endless Crème concealer, Creamy with good coverage that conditions the eye area at the same time as concealing circles and hides blemishes in a flash!

So now you have seen it, the worst make-up mistakes i have ever made, i urge you not to make the same mistakes and have provided alternative products that actually do work so check them out if i have stated a product you want :)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned as blog will be how NOT to apply make-up!

Hugs and Kisses

Michaela xx

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