Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How to correctly apply foundation

How important is foundation?

Foundation is probably the most essential cosmetic because it is one of the necessary steps of basic skincare. For healthy skin, you have to protect it. That is where foundation comes in. Foundation protects your skin from the environment-the sun, wind and pollutants-things we face everyday no matter where we live.
The problem with foundation is that we make common mistakes while applying it. We get the wrong color; it looks "cakey" and sometimes accentuates the flaws we were trying to cover.

Liquid Foundation

How to apply foundation for the best results? We need to learn how to pick the perfect color and apply it correctly.The key to flawless coverage is not to look like you are wearing a mask. It is NOT possible to pick up a bottle of foundation at a store, hold it up to your face and get the correct color, seriously it will never happen! Honestly, you will need to sit down with a makeup consultant and test the color. It is best to test foundation color with natural sunlight. The worst lighting is florescent. No one looks good in florescent lighting, not even me haha. Never, never, never test for foundation on your hand or wrist. For ivory/beige women you will need to check your foundation on your neck and jawline. Sometimes the neck is a little different color than the face, usually a little darker and more yellow undertone. Because you will blend your foundation at your jaw line, you will want it to match where it stops at the neck. For bronze women, you will want to match your foundation on your cheek and jaw line. Sometimes there is an unevenness of color and this will help even out your skin tone.
How to apply
There are mainly three tools you should use for applying your foundation: sponge, brush, and fingers.
Sponge: A sponge is great to give you a light, sheer layer of foundation. It makes the foundation very easy to blend, a necessity for foundation and keeps your fingers clean too! I bounce back and forth between this one and the brush. The downside, a lot of foundation can get absorbed in the sponge so it tends to waste product. You will need to clean your sponge after every use or do what I do, buy a bag full of inexpensive sponges at a department store and trash them after every use.
Brush: I love the brush. The foundation looks perfect when using a brush, I can't really explain why, it just does. Use a foundation brush for a couple of days and it will be hard to go back to what you were using before. The one problem, you have to clean it every time you use it or you will ruin the brush. If you have to reapply your foundation during the day, a brush is the only way to go!
Fingers: Fingers are great because everyone has them, you always know where they are, and they are inexpensive. I personally, don't like the feel of foundation on my fingers so it's not my favorite. But if you don't have issues like me, they work great. Can be hard to blend with so just be careful! also make sure they are clean as you dont want to rub dirt into your pores!
I never have understood how women can not set their foundation. Its just rediculous not to do so! So here are three easy ways to set your foundation, no matter what your preference is.
Loose powder: not my favorite as it tends to be messy so be careful. Loose powder does not set into fine lines as easily as pressed powder does. It will set the foundation with a little more coverage but not be as heavy as a pressed powder. Perfect choice if you tend to verge on the oily side!
Pressed powder: Very convenient and that's why I love it. It is great for touch ups throughout the day because it does give more coverage then a loose powder does. You do need to be careful because too much can make you look...well like your wearing a powder mask. Not exactly flawless.
Blot: As long as you don't have oily skin and not incredibly humid in your area, this will work great for you. You can purchase blotting tissues to keep handy or a facial tissue will work great too. Press to your face and blot softly with the tissue. It will take off the excess make up but will not mess up your makeup, having said that this is my least favourite as it tends to take more make-up off than i would like.

Mineral Foundation

Mineral foundation is ideal for concealing blemishes, brown or red spots, scars, small pimples and even Rosacea. The mineral foundations are made from gentle ingredients that wont damage your skin, cause infection or irritation. They dont contain dyes, harsh chemicals, fillers or oils. Mineral foundation works great for mature skin because it refracts light which minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, discolorations and imperfections.Mineral foundations come in three forms “ loose mineral foundation, pressed mineral foundation and liquid form. Loose mineral foundation is the purest form of foundation available and is appropriate for every skin type, including those with very oily or sensitive skin. Mineral foundations are ideal for acne sufferers as they provide complete coverage, help to heal and calm inflammation. The natural pigments that every mineral product contains blend easily on the skin and provide superior coverage due to the lack of cheap fillers. They are also appropriate for those with dry skin because the minerals trap moisture in the skin and keep your skin hydrated all the time.The application of mineral makeup is the same as applying any traditional makeup but the main difference is that a very small amount of mineral foundation for example goes a very long way. Thats why you should never apply too much of a product at once.A mineral foundation must be applied with a brush or with a makeup sponge. I personally dont recommend you to apply it with your fingers. The brush you are going to use when applying mineral foundation should have high density of hair, it should be short, firm and soft. Avoid using synthetic bristles because they can be too hard on your skin. The right brush will ensure that the minerals are distributed evenly and your face wont look like a mask.


Step One
cleanse your face A foundation should always be applied to a cleansed and toned skin. Use a mild cleanser appropriate for your skin and cleanse your face thoroughly to remove all the impurities and oils that have accumulated during the night.
Step Two Moisturize you faceA mineral foundation as well as traditional foundation should always be applied to a well moisturized skin. Apply a
moisturizer appropriate for your skin type and let it soak in, otherwise the minerals may appear flakey. It will improve your skin quality and act as a protective layer to help trap the moisture in the skin and stop it from evaporation. A good moisturizer will plump and comfort your skin and make the foundation easier to blend smoothly.
Step Three Apply mineral foundationApplication of Loose Mineral Foundation.Use a brush and swirl to pick up the minerals. Press the head of your brush against the holes of the sifter. Tap off the excess
powder. There should be a light dusting of powder on the brush head. With gentle, circular motions brush onto your face. Start the application of the mineral foundation at the centre of your face nose, chin and forehead. Buffing with the brush will bring out the qualities of the minerals and will ensure an even application.
Application of Pressed Mineral FoundationA pressed mineral foundation should be applied with enclosed sponge. Although some of my colleagues wet the sponge before applying the foundation I dont do so. Wipe the sponge onto the pressed minerals and distribute evenly onto the face. If you have applied too much product continue distributing it over your face until all lines disappear completely.
Application of Liquid Mineral Foundation.You can apply liquid mineral foundation with a sponge or with your fingertips. A sponge will provide more control and a smoother application but you will use more product. Put a little foundation on a makeup sponge and start applying in the center of the face. Use a small amount of the foundation and apply it in thin layers. Blend well and make sure the color matches your natural skin tone. Start blending at your forehead and slowly spread all over your face. Make sure everything blends together and look the same. Ensure that there are no patches.
Step Four Set the mineral foundationAlthough most of the women using mineral foundation dont need to use a
face powder to set and fix the foundation you can do it. Apply loose mineral powder to hold the foundation in place for a longer period of time.
Never use harsh, synthetic brush to apply mineral or traditional foundation.
Make sure your moisturizer has penetrated your skin prior to applying mineral foundation.
To achieve a flawless finish apply the mineral foundation in several thin layers until you reach the desired coverage.
An application of mineral foundation provides all day coverage that wont fade or crease.
Mineral foundation is easily removed with a
makeup remover or cleanser.
Mineral foundation is especially helpful for those with acne
-prone skin and hyper sensitive skin.
If your skin is very oily and has
enlarged pores choose the pressed mineral foundation instead of a loose foundation.
Mineral foundation has a sun protective filters and thats why its not essential to use a sunscreen
. You can wear mineral makeup after chemical peel, microdermabrasion or laser resurfacing with no risk it, wont irritate your skin.
Mineral foundation blends flawlessly and easily.
Mineral foundations dont support bacteria like the traditional
liquid foundations
With regular use of mineral makeup you can improve the health and condition of your skin.
Mineral foundation wont clog your pores and will allow your skin to breathe normally.
Mineral foundation easily covers redness and discolorations.
Mineral foundation has excellent staying power.
Mineral makeup is versatile and easy to apply because it helps to calm and soothe irritated skin.

So there you have it the know-it-all guide to foundation...hope it helped ya ladies!

*hugs and kisses*


Monday, October 13, 2008

Airbrushed Celebs

Ok, i know this blog is not the 'how to apply foundation' blog and nor is it particullarily about make-up but i wanted to squeeze this in between becuase of something my younger sister (she's 16) said to me today, i done her make-up for her this morning and she looks amazing (if i do say so myself hehe) but i went in her room bout an hour later to fnd her rubbing off the make-up and crying, when i asked her why she showed me a picture of Linzey Lohan and said to me 'no matter what you do ill never be as beautiful as her!' i was horrified at this as my sister if anything is actually prettier than linzey lohan! therefore i have done this blog although its not about make-up really to show all you girls out there that the celebs with or without make-up are not perfect and nor should you base how you feel about yourself on how they look as its all airbrushing etc. below i will show you a pic that has been airbrushed and next to it the same pic without airbrushing just to show you that not everyone is perfect :)

Before After

Ever wondered how celebs like Britney Murphy have such great skin? Know you know!

before After

Oh all of a sudden she has a booty! magic!

before After

Bye bye Bags....hello flawless!

before After

Yes boys are just as guilty!

before After

Extreem airbrushing on a model

before After

another extreemly airbrushed model

So here you can see just a few examples of celebs before and after airbrushing...and thats not including the ten tonne of make-up they prob had on before they even took to 'before photo!' sot so perfect now then :)

Hope its brightened up your day as much as it did my little sisters!

*hugs and kisses*


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Top five Make-up mistakes people make

Make-up is great, it can be used to accentuate beauty but sometimes people can get it wrong...very wrong!!! and then make-up can become very bad! haha. Just so you don't fall into the 'bad make-up' category i have listed below the top five make-up mistakes that people make.

1) cakey foundation

Whats wrong with it?

Everything! it looks awful, it feels awful, it clogs your pores and instead of hiding your flaws it actually draws attention to them!

How to avoid it?

Use a foundation brush to apply your foundation as it gives a very flawless look without hiding your natural glow (i use an avon one and its very good and not expensive) and apply foundation to the back of your hand and then use the brush to apply it to your skin that way you can limit how much you apply. Also DO NOT use foundation to hide spots as its not what it is designed for, try using concealer before you apply your foundation.

Case Study?

Christina Agrillara and J-Lo fall victim to this sometimes (c-a a bit more than j.lo!)


2) Bad eye make-up

Whats wrong with it?

A bad eye makeup decision can turn any good make-up application bad! if it doesn't compliment your eye colour or skin colour it can look awful!

How to avoid it?

Read up on what colours suit your eye colour best!! also take your time to apply as messy eye make-up is a big no no!

For baby blue eyes - go dark and smokey to really make them stand out!
For green eyes - Try purple eyeshadow or even mascara to make them really pop!
For brown eyes - why not try a wash of ethereal blue or a trendy bright for a great contrast!

Case study?

Drew Barrymore often gets it wrong!


3) Badly applied Bronzer

Whats wrong with it?

Trying to change your natural completion with bronzer is a mistake waiting to happen! Its not to make you look 5 shades darker than you are but more to naturally highlight your natural skin tone and contour your cheekbones

How to avoid it?

Find the right colour to you, a deep dark brown colour may be what you want but if you have very fair skin it will not suit you! and only apply on the places the sun naturally hits your face, like your cheekbones your forehead and the bridge of your nose!

Case study?

Who would of thought Catherine Zeta Jones would get anything wrong but she does.


4) To much blusher

Whats wrong with it?

It makes you look hot! no not hot like wow but hot as in temperature hot! it looks horrible and draws attention to flat cheeks rather than adding contour to the face!

How to avoid it?

Apply blusher in a well lit room with natural light as its tricky to do, and do not just whack it across your cheeks, smile and apply the blusher to the bit of your cheek that sticks out (the apple of your cheek)

Case Study?

Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty) recently made this faux-Pa


5) Wearing the wrong lipstick for your colouring

Whats wrong with it?

No matter how well applied the rest of your face is applying the wrong lipstick will ruin it all! also a little tip - for those ladies out there with not-so-white teeth I'm afraid red lips are a massive HELL NO!

How to avoid it?

Go to a make-up counter when buying lipstick and ask the trained staff what colour will suit your skin tone and the look you want to achieve, if it helps go out with the make-up on you intend to apply to show them the look your after.

Case Study?

kirsten Dunst often struggles!


So there you have it the top five make-up mistakes and how to avoid them! so now we have no excuses ladies.

Hope it has been a helpful blog!

Check out next time on how to fins the best foundation for your skin...be it perfect or pimple ridden!!

*hugs and kisses*


Monday, October 6, 2008

Top Five worst Make-up products

I hate it when i read about a great new product only to rush out and buy it and find its rubbish! To help you girls from doing the same thing i have dug out all my Make-up regrets and i will now show you my top five list of worst make-up products ever so you dont make the same mistake!

1)Wet and Wild Lipstick - the adverts for the product made it look fab showing models with glittery lovely big lips made me rush out and buy...and later regret! It made my lips feel sticky and dry and wore off to leave nothing but dry skin after about 20 mins! its awful please do not waste money on this!

alterative - Any L'Oréal Paris lipsticks are amazing and do exactly what they say they will do on the packet!

2) Smashbox under eye brightener- I heard great reviews and have always been a fan of smashbox products until this one, i recieved it as a gift last christmas (i know i have great friends :S) and rushed to try it, i found it awful not only did it nothide my under eye bags but it actually drew attention to them! it had a glittery base which anyone should know will enhance the look of lines and bags! Truely awful!

alternative - Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Defining Eye Brightener, at £24.99 its quite pricey but its well worth the money and it hides my dark circles in a matter of seconds!

3) Any Clinique foundation i find awful, i find it gives me horrible breakouts as its quite oily and does nothing to cover imperfections, it went dry and flakey after a few hours and looks much worse than when i wear nothinig atall! i would never advice this foundation to anyone, my friend who is african tryed it on her dark skin and suffered all the same problems (her skin usually always looks amazing!) and fund it very ashy on her dark skin

alternative - as stated in my earlier blog i will Always advise people who suffer to find a good foundation to try Max Factor true match as i found it to be the best and its not to pricey either!

4) Maybelline XXL water proof mascara - Its a good brand and therefore i was not hesitant to try this mascara for a swimming holiday i went on last year, but i found it terrible! It doesn't even brush/shape your lashes so they go the same way. Don't even try re-applying...now your lashes are clumpy and are going in weird directions. That mascara had me looking like I just got slapped or I just woke up while sleeping with my face in the pillow and worst of all it wasnt even particually waterproof!

alternative - Model Co waterproof mascara, a make-up artist friend of mine uses this on all her clients and raves about it, i have tried and its fab! its a very good mascara and is very water resistant.

5) maybelline ever fresh concealer - This concealer is awful, it does nothing to hide imperpections and does not even attempt to cover scars. I had a huge red blemish appear and brought this out of desperation on a lunch break, it did not cover the blemish and did not even hide the redness, infact instead of looking like a girl with a spot i ended up looking like a girl with a spot with somesort of brown sauce smeared on top! Not a good look!

alternate -Calvin Klien Endless Crème concealer, Creamy with good coverage that conditions the eye area at the same time as concealing circles and hides blemishes in a flash!

So now you have seen it, the worst make-up mistakes i have ever made, i urge you not to make the same mistakes and have provided alternative products that actually do work so check them out if i have stated a product you want :)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned as blog will be how NOT to apply make-up!

Hugs and Kisses

Michaela xx

Friday, October 3, 2008

Top ten best Makeup Products Ever


Welcome to my blog about Make-Up, coz you know us girlies, we love Make-up. But Make-Up however great it is can be so easy to get wrong, not finding the right product/colour or match is so easily done and can end up in us looking Made-Under rather than Made-Over :P
Below i have stated what i think are the make up essentials for any girl to have and why, please post your suggestions if you think i have missed anything!

1) Max factor True Match Foundation - I LOVE this product because its so easy to get right, i have always had trouble with my skin tone and finding a foundation to match as i am pale but have a very yellowy undertone to my skin and this matched almost instantly to my skin (i brought ivory) please dont be fooled as it can look a little mismatched when you first apply but after a couple of seconds it blended perfectly into my skin and left no tide marks! also i have a few pimples and scars which i covered perfectly without making me look like i was wearing a mask!

2) Rimmel Pressed powder - dont get me wrong this is not an everyyday item as over foundation it can look a little heavy. its great alone for those 'good skin' days but also fantastic over foundation for an evening, it masks ALL pimples and scars etc without making it look to heavy. I am a light yellowy skin tone and i used to use ivory but have recently swiched to transulcent and i love it!

3) Avon light reflecting concealer - Everyone always used to tell me about the YSL touche eclait when i asked about concealers and hearing the great review i went straight out and brought it, and hated it!, i found it hard to blend completely too dark for me and almost orange and too thick, i then asked my mum (mums know best) what she used and she told me about this one, i went and got it and fell in love! its light airy and easily blendable and gives the illution of dewy glowing skin while covering up the spot, its fantastic on under eye bags and is fine under OR over foundation! what more could you ask for!

4) Rimmel Volume Extend mascara - THE BEST PRODUCT EVER MADE! its absolutly fantastic! it gives the fake lash look and does not clump or flake! its easy to apply and people complimet me all the time on how long and thick my lashes are when really they are short and dumpy! its the must have of must haves! although bad news is i have heard they are retiring it sometime in 2008 so buy now and buy in bulk!!

5) Rimmel London powder blush in smoked oyster - when you first see the colour of this blush in the packet you may think 'oh my god its way to dark' but once you try it you will fall in love, the fresh colour suits all skin tones and gives that 'i've just had a great time in bed' glow ;) its sexy and understated and definatly a must have item!

These are my top five products and i hope you have enjoyed reading why they are so great, dont forget to add your suggestions on to help this list become even longer! For your help i have added the order in which to apply these products for the best result below :) Enjoy!

1) Avon light reflecting concealer
2) Max factor True Match Foundation
3) Rimmel Pressed powder
4) Rimmel London powder blush in smoked oyster
5) Rimmel Volume Extend mascara

Please add this site to your favourites for future entries!

Tune in tomorrow for the top ten Worst beuty products EVER!! so none of us make the mistake of paying for them!

Love and kisses